A few words from our clients

If you are like us you often look at the testimonials on a website and probably think to yourself more often than not, “How do I know Mr.C.J. Smith of Sydney, Australia even exists let alone bought something from these guys?” or “Nobody says that unless they are a politician looking for votes” But we still read them because some ring true some don’t, some are obviously solicited and others are not.

In our many years of exporting used cars we have never solicited an endorsement but ironically most of our business comes from referrals. A lot of people write us an email to say thanks and most go along the lines of, “Nice car, really happy with it thanks for all your help”

So to add a little bit of credibility to this section we decided to put up some pictures of cars sent to us by clients bought from us. You’ll also notice we have had some clients from the time we started exporting cars. Those dealers and clients are still with us today, we think that’s the best testimonial of all – repeat business for almost 10 years.

  • Main supplier to Distinctive Car Imports, Perth, Australia since 1999.
  • Main supplier to Bluchip Direct , Guernsey, UK since 1999.
  • Main supplier to C-Red Tuning, Perth, Australia since 1999

Hey Simon, took a mate of ours from Melbourne up the beach on Sunday, and just had to send you these pics. That’s one happy Delica.

Handled the sand no dramas. We took it right up to island point, about 50ks up the beach, so it was driving 50ks on sand, right beside the ocean. The beach access to Rainbow was not open, otherwise we would have headed there, and had some lunch. Saw some whales and lots of bikini clad women.

If you ever come to ­Queensland for a holiday, come spend a couple of days with us and we’ll take you up there. It is a magic spot.

– Mr. Al Crampton, Noosa, QLD, Australia.

One of our main dealers in the UK, Guernsey actually, had a field day for their clients. Charity Day, pay 5 quid for a ride in your dream car, all proceeds going to a kiddies charity. Yes we supplied the awesome blue 34 GTR and the white one, as well as the 2006 model 350Z version ST G, the pink F­igaro – although it was green when it left us. Oh and the white 33 GTR. I think the speed limit is 35mph on the island…

“Hi Simon, Today the car is in my garage at home. It went through all the compliance checks and things no trouble at all. Down here they pull all the interior and boot linings out to check for accident repairs etc. No problems with this one.

So she is a nice baby and I’ll see how I get used to it after my Mazda6 MPS. I love the smooth engine and it will, have heaps of grunt it seems. I’ll have to finish running it in yet. Thanks for all your help on this it is appreciated.

By the way when is your baby due? Hope all goes well in the meantime. I may be back for another if I find I can’t afford to run this one.”

– Mr . Godfrey Hansen, Half Moon Bay, Auckland, NZ

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