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Flash Bainite for Autos

Flash Bainite could revolutionize the Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, the search is always on for materials that are lighter, cheaper, stronger, and can last longer while maintaining its efficiency. In those terms, Flash Bainite could be revolutionary in what it has to offer.

Flash Bainite – The Numbers

In terms of strength, Flash Bainite is stronger than titanium weight wise. It is also ductile to a point where it can be pressed into shape without cracking. Flash Bainite is a material that is up to 30 to 50 percent lighter and also cheaper than steel.

Strength wise Flash Bainite is capable of providing 7 percent higher specific strength compared to martensitic steel. What this means is that any product that currently uses martensitic steel can be replaced with Flash Bainite and deliver exceptional results while lasting longer.

Initial data recorded by carrying out tests using the Flash Bainite showed that mass production and expenses can be reduced by up to one-third of the industry costs currently. The US Army also carried out tests on the Flash Bainite and labeled it “an extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly process”.

Flash Bainite – Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry

With all the right things in its favor, it is not surprising that Flash Bainite has been getting a lot of attention. At least five auto manufacturers are testing and researching the benefits of the new steel. Tests have also been carried out with the Flash Bainite performing exceptionally.

There is wide speculation that this new steel could be a revolutionary product that will change the automotive industry for the better. How will it be able to do that? When automotive industries use Flash Bainite the cars will be lighter, environmentally friendly and cheaply produced while still remaining safe during a crash. Of course, Flash Bainite usage will not be limited just to the automotive industry.

Flash Bainite – The Progress

There is a lot that can be done using Flash Bainite. What that will require first is more research done in the large scale by top and upcoming firms. This calls for new firms and teams that can provide attention to the research and development that a product such as Flash Bainite requires. This is great for upcoming entrepreneurs as it gives them the opportunity to try out something new in the automotive industry.

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