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Buying a GTR

I was asked to order a new GTR for a client in December 2007, so I went down to my local Nissan dealer and plonked down a deposit, chose gunmetal premium edtition with a few other options.

Due end of March I was told but because of gearbox manufacturing problems in Germany this was delayed until end of April. Apparently a lot of the boxes are not meeting Nissan’s margin of error so until that is sorted expect long er waiting times. I was told 6 months when I picked mine up.

Couple of gripes with Nissan as far as customer service. The salesman thought I was coming down at 3pm, I thought they would come pick me up or drop the car off, i.e how do I get there if I have to drive the car away, catch a a taxi? Don’t think so. He called and I told him I was waiting, so he came over. Then how ’s the next joke. If you are paying about $90,000 for a car you think they would fill the tank for you, right? Wrong. As soon as I got in the car and started it the fuel warning light is on and the computer says I have 5kms range! WTF! Running on fumes to the nearest station. Also a cheap and nasty plastic cover for the manual etc. sort of thing you get with a Micra not a GTR! Gees Nissan lift your game cutting corners like that, you’d expect a nice leather edition with GTR embossed…

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