Import Cars From Japan

If you want to import cars from Japan to resell or for other purposes, Japanese Auto Auctions is here to help. We offer complete auto export and auction bidding and management services for clients who are interested in second hand vehicles for export from Japan. Our automated bidding system is one of the easiest to use of any offered by Japanese auto exporters working in the industry today. We are dedicated to helping you find and purchase the vehicles that you’re looking for. Through our system, you will have access to vehicles on auction all across Japan — over 150,000 a week! You’re certain to find the right Nissan Skyline or whatever other make and models you might be looking for. We will always be on hand to help you manage your auction bids and help ensure that you get the vehicles that you want. As a full-service Japanese used car exporter, we will also see that your car is delivered to you in a timely manner after your purchase. It is our goal to provide you with excellent service and to help you obtain the vehicle that you want. If you would like know more about how we can serve you as used auto exporters, please contact us for additional information.

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